Cancelled and postponed events

when an event is canceled without replacement or relocated to a new date you can return your tickets as part of the terms of our Terms and Conditions and Purchase Policy and get a refund in the corresponding cases. In case an insolvency proceeding has been instituted towards the promoter of a cancelled event, or in case the promoter did not allocate the money from the ticket purchases of the cancelled event back to Ticketmaster, a refund is excluded. To facilitate the return of your tickets, please note the following:

  • You can generally only return tickets where you originally bought them. If you purchased the tickets at a ticket outlet then you must submit your tickets there.
  • If you have purchased the tickets online through our website or our Call Center (Ticket-Hotline), they must be sent in to us together with a completed return form.
  • We recommend to send ticket returns by registered post, always.
  • Please download the ticket return form here.