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About Tour de Suisse

The Tour de Suisse
The Tour de Suisse has been Switzerland’s most important cycling race since 1933. Every year, over a million spectators line the route to watch the race, which is composed of eight stages and passes through some of Switzerland’s most breathtaking scenery. The Tour de Suisse is part of the UCI World Tour and is the world’s fourth largest professional cycling race.
Alongside the highest level of elite sport with plenty of top international stars, there is plenty more on offer for cycling fans and spectators. During the week, you can see the cyclists and teams up close at the start location, while at the finish location, you can wander through the TdS Village and enjoy a varied entertainment programme. The Kids World offers outstanding supporting events for families – and of course, you can’t miss the popular publicity caravan, which travels an hour ahead of the cyclists and distributes great giveaways to the spectators.

VIP offers
Experience everything the Tour de Suisse has to offer up close as a VIP, or take the opportunity to visit Switzerland’s biggest and most popular sporting event with clients, colleagues or employees. The combination of first-class catering and thrilling views of the race will ensure some truly memorable moments. Whether at the start, the finish line, among the action in the VIP car or with a birds-eye view from the helicopter, you’re sure to enjoy a thrilling and unique experience.

When you buy a Tour de Suisse wristband, you’re supporting the next generation of Swiss cyclists with up to CHF 2. The rest will be used to further develop the Tour de Suisse and make it even more appealing. All the wristbands bear the Tour de Suisse logo; they are limited to 12,000 items and are numbered. Get your hands on this collector’s item today!
When you buy a wristband, you are automatically entered into the daily instant prize draw at the start and finish location of the stage. There are also two sensational main prizes in store at the end of the tour.