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About Szene Kloten

The Szene Kloten society came into being seven years ago at the Bücheler Hus in Kloten. The cultural society currently has over 400 members and is responsible for well over 40 events per year. The centre point of the numerous activities is the Bücheler Hus with its inviting ballroom and attractively designed gallery. The ballroom, where most of the public events are held, is located in the former hayrick of this over 500-year-old building. Also located in the Bücheler-Haus is the local museum, which is open from April to October on the first Sunday of every month. The aims defined in Szene Kloten’s statutes and cultural guiding principles are as follows: promote, support, network, inform, integrate, create, invigorate. Szene Kloten is intended to connect people, support the integration of other cultures, promote creative work and ensure broad cultural diversity in the town of Kloten. Further objectives include dialogue between the generations, revealing cultural resources among the inhabitants of Kloten and creating innovative offers. The range of events offered is very wide-ranging, comprising concerts, readings, musicals, theatre performances through to folklore events.