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About Swiss Unihockey

Floorball is a truly young sport. The Swiss Floorball Association, representing the interests of all active participants and enthusiasts in this country, was only founded in 1985 and has been a member of the Swiss Olympic Association since 1989. Nevertheless, this young form of sport is now in the fast lane with 11 regional associations, 417 clubs, 2,175 teams and a total of no less than 32,104 licensed players having now established floorball as a popular sport and turning Switzerland into the world’s third largest floorball nation.

No wonder – floorball is a highly attractive sport unmatched in terms of speed and action. Switzerland has also been playing an important role together with the Scandinavian countries since the game’s development in the 1970s.

The game is played indoors. Unlike ice hockey, the goalkeeper can rely only on the reflexes of his hands and feet as he doesn’t have a stick. Also, as in football, passing back to the player between the posts has been an offence since 2004, meaning that the goalie’s five teammates have to keep moving all the time just to keep the ball away from him. Players can be substituted at any time. Floorball is an energy-sapping sport, although players should not overdo the swaggering: apart from the slight use of the shoulder when winning and defending the ball, all other physical contact is undesirable and can result in a time penalty. Another infraction is to hold the stick too high – it should only be kept on or just above the ground at best.

The highlight of the Swiss season is the Super Final, which is held in April at the Swiss Arena in Kloten and with 7,500 spectators it is quickly sold out every year. Switzerland will also play host to the Women’s World Championship in Neuchatel in 2019.