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Informazioni su Metallica

Please note the following and have a fun, safe and unforgettable evening with Metallica & guests, enjoy!

03:30 p.m. Doors
05:15 p.m. Opening act BOKASSA
06:15 p.m. Support act GHOST
07:45 p.m. Main act METALLICA
10:30 p.m. End

Increased security measures at all Live Nation Concerts: Recent attacks and threats necessitate enhanced security measures at all concerts. As Live Nation has announced, open air events and events in arenas and halls are subject to stringent controls, without exception.

Prohibition on handbags, backpacks, and helmets: All attendees will undergo body searches. Bags, backpacks, handbags, helmets, and containers of all kinds are prohibited. Attendees are specifically asked to refrain from bringing them along, limiting themselves to essential items such as phones, keychains, and wallets. Also allowed are medicines or cosmetics in a belt pouch or cosmetic bag up to a maximum size of A4.

Compliance with these rules and instructions, as well as timely arrival, will help to make the entry process as fast as possible.

How to travel: We recommend travelling by public transport. The easiest way is to travel to Zurich Altstetten station, where numerous suburban trains and special trains are available. • From Zurich Altstetten station you can reach the Letzigrund stadium (marked footpath) in a relaxed 15-minute walk. • SBB uses various special trains to and from Zurich Altstetten and Zurich HB for the return trip. The best connection (incl. extra trains) can be found in the SBB online timetable. • Extratrams and buses run from Zurich HB to the Letzigrund stadium and back at short intervals.

The timetables of the extra trains as well as valuable travel tips can be found here:

Special ticket "Metallica City-Ticket": Please note that the use of public transport is not included in the concert ticket. For travellers from outside the Zürcher Verkehrsverbund (ZVV) we recommend the "Metallica City-Ticket". This ticket includes the journey to and from Zurich main station as well as the ZVV zone 110 for the transfer between Zurich main station and Letzigrund Stadium.